Traditional Xhosa Square Melton Doek

  • R 92000


The traditional Xhosa Melton Doek (head scarf) is made from a felt-like melton fabric, and is then beaded. The felt fabric is available in yellow, orange, mustard,red, brown, pink, green, blue, navy, purple, black and many more! The size of this Xhosa doek is 100x90 cm's. This doek uses an ornate, traditional Mfengu Xhosa beading style. It must be wrapped by the user.

All products made are made to order, please allow 2 weeks for completion of your order.

Detailed Info

Please note:

  • We only use high quality Melton fabric, not felt.
  • Our crafters are highly experienced African Xhosa seamstresses and beaders who work with a range of fabrics and beading styles to bring you contemporary and traditional ethnic clothing and jewellery, only found in the Eastern Cape, South Africa.

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