Traditional Xhosa Drawstring Bag Inxili

  • R 45000


These traditional Xhosa drawstring bags are made with the traditional fabric iBayi, which is 100% cotton. They are then decorated with black shoelace braid and beaded in the traditional Xhosa colours of white, black, blue and red. You are however welcome to request beading in any colour. The fabric colours available are white, cream, mustard, orange, red, blue and black, made with soze/ibayi/umhbaco fabric.

There is a front pouch on the bag as well, and it is heavily fringe beaded on the bottom.

This product is are made to order, please allow 2-3 weeks for completion of your order.

Detailed Info

Please note:
  • The size of this bag is approximately H:38cm and W:33cm.
  • We collaborate with many traditional Xhosa seamstresses and rural beaders to make these beautifully hand crafted, high quality, traditional African garments.

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