Beaded Xhosa Pipe

Iza Crafts

  • R 50000


The traditional Xhosa wooden pipes are made from wood and then beaded. The traditional beadwork colours are red, white, blue and black, you may however request any other colour of beadwork. The men’s pipe is shorter, whilst the women’s pipe is longer. Traditionally this is so that when a woman breastfeeds the smoke from the pipe does not go near the baby’s face.

All products made by Iza Crafts are made to order, please allow 2 weeks for completion of your order.

Detailed Info

Please note:
  • The size of the pipes are as follows: Men’s is L:17cm, Women’s is L:23cm.
  • Iza Crafts employs many seamstresses and rural beaders to make these beautifully hand crafted, high quality, traditional African garments.

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