Denim Ruffle Dress, Corset & Poncho

  • R 3,07000

This 3 piece ensemble comprises a boob tube dress with ruffles at the hemline with a matching front button up beaded corset and a hooded denim poncho. All three items are made with matching denim and Venda print detail, and beading, buttons and braiding in places. Made with either black or blue denim, and a few choices of Venda print, these items can be purchased as a set or individually. Please include all your measurements so that we can start making your tailor made outfit!The maximum size avaialble for this outfit is size 36.

All products are made to order, please allow 2 weeks for completion of your order. Occasionally we cannot source the Venda print in the pictures, in that case we will provide you with close alternatives for your selection.

Our seamstresses work with African Venda print, shweshwe, seshoeshoe, German print, wax print and umhbaco/soze/ibhayi fabrics and more.

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