Ceramic Flower Bowls

  • R 4800


These handmade earthenware ceramic bowls and smaller sweet bowls are created with a warm, earthy reddish brown clay and flower inspired. The flowers are a combination of white and either red, green, yellow, light or dark blue, and the design is completed with white dots around the rim. The stoneware pottery items are hand painted, glazed and then fired at 1200 degrees Celsius.

Most items are made to order, and take up to approximately 3 weeks to be ready for posting, as the ceramicist shares a kiln and a potters wheel with three other artists at the Gompo Arts Centre.

Detailed Info

  • Each flower sweet bowl varies slightly in shape as they are hand shaped, but are approximately Regular BowlsH:4-5cm and Diameter: 12cm and Sweet Bowls: H:4-5cm and Diameter 8-10cm.
  • Bulk orders are welcome but may increase the production timescales.

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