Yanela Jija Ceramicist

Yanela Jija is a female cerasmic artist, who specialises in sculpting, but also creates pottery items. She is based in East London and is originally from Engcobo ,a small town in the former Transkei . She joined a the Fine Art programme in 2014 and graduated with both a Diploma and BTech Degree at the Walter Sisulu University.

Yanela Jija Ceramic Artist & Sculptor

 Yanela recently joined The Gompo Art Center as a ceramics sculptor. Her work is inspired by the women of her country, South Africa. She grew up both in suburban areas and rural areas and is deeply interested in rural Xhosa women; their lifestyle and dress code fascinates her, and inspires a lot of her work. Her work mainly depicts a rural life.

Yanela accepts commissions and can make differentiations on any piece listed, including scale, and new editions which tell a different story. Please see her online store here.