Richard Pipe

Richard Siphiwo Pipe started playing drums when he worked at Amapondo Backpackers in Port St John's and his passion for them led him to start manufacturing Djembe or Bongo drums in 2006. Richard Pipe Drummaker on The Wild Coast Trading Company

Originally from Port Elizabeth, Richard is now based on the East London beachfront, and not only produces drums, but also teaches drumming and is often invited to play at events.

He uses black wood to make the drums, and through a 3 month process of drying, sanding and treated with shea butter, and the skin that is stretched over the top of the bongo drum is water-softened goats skin.  This results in his Djembe drums turn out smooth and with an incredible deep sound. 

It's fair to say that Richard has fallen in love with the de-stressing effect drumming has on one, which to him is a meditation of being in the moment, and his love of drumming shines through in each one of his beautiful creations. To view Richard's store on The Wild Coast Trading Company please click here. 

Richard Pip Drummaker on The Wild Coast Trading Company

Where it all starts - with a black wood stump.