John Steele

Dr John Steele (PhD) first worked with clay as a studio potter in Rhodes village in the Southern Drakensberg mountains of the Eastern Cape in the 1970s, and then as the Ikhwezi Lokusa Pottery manager in Mthatha, prior to taking up his present post as multi-disciplinary Senior Lecturer in the Visual Art Department at Walter Sisulu University in East London, South Africa.  He now oxidation fires in an electric kiln. His ceramics ethos was strongly influenced by high temperature reduction firing studio potters David Potter, Hyme Rabinowitz, Andrew Walford, Lindsay Scott, and Anton van der Merwe. 

John Steele Ceramics at The Wild Coast Trading Company

John has been working with clay at various studios throughout his life, and established his present home-based studio CLAYSTATIONZA in 2009. Situated in Bonza Bay on the banks of the Quinera estuary it provides a wonderful setting for his own work as well as weekly "pottery classes". Locals come and play with clay on Monday evenings where they work with various clay forming techniques.

John also has an eclectic interest in southern African visual arts history, and has written on a number of topics including aspects of local ceramics history, architecture, and installation and performance art taking place at AfrikaBurn.

Find John Steele's store on The Wild Coast Trading Company here. 

The following ceramics research articles written by John Steele may be of interest to you: 

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Prehistoric South African Ceramic Figurines from Kulubele Further Contextualised; 

Anatomy of a Pottery Bonfiring in the Port St Johns Region, Eastern Cape, South Africa; 

Ultimate Survivor: An Eastern Cape Potter's Outpouring against Women and Child Abuse;