• R 2,19000

Regrets, 2019

Mixed Media painting on canvas in a black frame 76cm x 51cm

This artwork depicts the artist, Tamsanqa Mnkani reflections after seeing the prevalence of mob justice in the black villages he originates from. It not only is a major issue that undermines ubuntu, but also become a big concern and stress for so many people in his community. His friends and him were angry and hungry for revenge, they didn’t care about police because they did not have trust in them because of another incident which they failed to handle. So his group of friends and him all went out to seek revenge. They engaged in a mob justice incident and whilst thinking that they had found their own justice, they didn’t realise that they were just making enemies in the community and hurting other families by stupidly seeking revenge.

This painting, and series of paintings is Tamsanqa telling the world that he regrets his past and his wrongdoings every day, and asks for forgiveness.

PLEASE NOTE:Orders are ready for posting in 7 days maximum. This South African artist is currently doing his BTech in Fine Art at The Walter Sisulu University in East London and won the 2019 Outstanding Achievement in Paining there. >

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