• R 1,58000

Homeless, 2019

Mixed Media painting on canvas in a black frame 76cm x 51cm

This image symbolises the artist, Tamsanqa Mnkani whilst growing up. Homelessness was one of the consequences he had to face after doing wrong things to the community. This is what happened after he was forced to leave home and he had to find a new home or a source of livelihood on the streets because he had nowhere to go.

Tamsanqa never came from a situation of abuse, neglect, exploitation or a single parent home, he realises that it was his own wrongdoings and that he had to pay for such mistakes by showing remorse and having a guilty conscience for what he had done before he could seek redemption.

PLEASE NOTE:Orders are ready for posting in 7 days maximum. This South African artist is currently doing his BTech in Fine Art at The Walter Sisulu University in East London and won the 2019 Outstanding Achievement in Paining there. >

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